Trudy More at School in 2074


Schoolgirl Trudy More had been taken one hundred years into the future as a result of a mix up in a scientific experiment.




  • Trudy More at School in 2074 – Debbie: #58 (23 March 1974) – #70 (15 June 1974)

7 thoughts on “Trudy More at School in 2074

  1. I’m assuming that the title used in issue 58 (March 23 1974) of DEBBIE, the first instalment, is the correct one, the title used by anybody who later wants to talk or write about this serial. For me this is a rule. In this instance the title of this serial does not have an exclamation mark. There is an exclamation mark used in issues 64 and 65, but these must be seen as mistakes as there isn’t one in 58.

  2. There are some serials that seem to slightly change the title over the course of episodes. While taking the first episode as the “correct” title is good general rule, I think as long as it was that title for an issue, then it’s good enough for me though I have updated the entry now reflect it’s original title.

    1. But you haven’t made all the necessary changes, Lorraine. Her name is Trudy More, but from the beginning of your presentation of this serial above these comments, there are four places where I can still see the word ‘Moore’, one in your heading, one in the ‘Plot’, one under ‘Appeared’, and the other in ‘4 thoughts on….’. I’m not being remotely critical, I’m just alerting you in a friendly way, in the interests of accuracy, to some minor errors.

      1. I’ve updated it now, I read comment the wrong way initially that “more” was wrong so corrected to “Moore”! End of a long day! Thanks for correction.

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