The Truth about Banjo Belle


Fifteen year old, Jill Baker started a folk group along with her friends, Bill Moss and Don Ellis. They were not doing too well and Jill’s grandmother—a former music-hall star suggested that Jill should borrow the costumes, wigs and the banjo that she had used. When the group appeared at the Fiesta Club there was a near riot. Jill’s handling of the audience aroused the admiration of Al Hunter, a theatrical agent who had known Jill’s Gran when she topped the bill as Banjo Belle. He suggested that she could pretend to be the actual Banjo Belle  for more success. Jill only agrees to this, so she can afford to buy house for her grandmother.



  • The Truth about Banjo Belle – Mandy: #300 (14 October 1972) – #313 (13 January 1973)

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