Virginia Creeper – the Sneak of St Kate’s


The Honourable Virginia Creeper had recently  become a pupil at St Katherine’s, an expensive boarding school for girls, to the great delight of the snobbish headmistress, Miss Agatha Nobb. Pippa Storm and her friends had tried to be nice to Virginia, but she was determined to cause trouble



  • Virginia Creeper – the Sneak of St Kate’s – Mandy: #112 (8 March 1969) – #118 (19 April 1969)

2 thoughts on “Virginia Creeper – the Sneak of St Kate’s

  1. This series gave Mandy a chance to comment on the dangers of smoking when Ms Creeper is spotted smoking two cigarettes at once in an effort to implicate the girls she doesn’t like. Smoking one cigarette at a time is bad enough, but …

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