Wendy Won’t Win!


Tennis star Wendy Moore was  honoured by having the new tennis courts in her home town of Tarnford named after her. But, as she performed the opening ceremony, Wendy had a curse put on her by an old gipsy woman. The land used for the courts had been a gipsy camping ground for many years. Gipsy Zara blamed Wendy for taking it from them. She told Wendy that, from that time on, she would not win at tennis. Another Tarnford tennis star, wealthy Irma Parfitt, was jealous of the honour which the town had given Wendy. The rich girl took every chance to remind Wendy of the gipsy’s words.



  • Wendy Won’t Win! – Mandy: #331 (19 May 1973) – #340 (21 July 1973)

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