Skeleton Corner

List of Stories:

Note: I’ll update this list with more short summaries over time.

Skeleton Corner first appeared in Judy #1632.

  • Skeleton Corner – Judy: #1632
  • Skeleton Corner – It’s For You-oo! – Judy: #1633
  • Skeleton Corner – The Pot Plant – Judy: #1634
  • Skeleton Corner –  Watching You! – Judy: #1635

After Judy and Mandy merged together Skeleton Corner returned in M&J #11:

  • Skeleton Corner – Living Ghost – M&J: #11
    • Viv and her parents live in Australia, Viv keeps having strange dreams of walking around a cottage. When her family move back to England, they find a house to buy  that turns out to be “haunted” by Viv!
  • Skeleton Corner –  “That’s Someone’s Seat” – M&J: #12
    • Katie is having a drink in a crowded cafe she notices a girl seating on her own with 2 drinks. After the girl leaves a boy sits next to Katie and tells her the girl’s name is Romy and she used to always sit at that table with her boyfriend Lee before he died. Later Katie notices the 2nd drink is now empty.
  • Skeleton Corner –  A Week in the Country – M&J: #13
    • Jilly Jasper and her family have rented a cottage in the county for a holiday. Every evening they are disturbed by someone with a lace glove tapping on the window. They try and catch the person but they are always gone leaving no footprints. Eventually Mr Jasper and Mark lie in wait for the person but are shocked to find the tapping is done by just a hand with no body!
  • Skeleton Corner –  What’s in a Name? – M&J: #14
    • Sonia is writing a story for a competition, she decides to make it a romantic story and names the protagonist Pippa Gale. She is surprised when her brother starts dating a girl named Pippa Gale, even more surprising is Pippa has also entered the competition and named her protagonist Sonia Steel. Pippa is worried as her story is called “The Tragedy of Sonia Steel”
  • Skeleton Corner –  A Picture of You – M&J: #15
    • Kim and her friends are taking photos at a museum, they think there’s a fault with the machine as all their photos seem to have a blurred figure in the background. Meanwhile Kim is worried that her friend Becky has turned up.
  • Skeleton Corner – The Most Frightening Teacher – M&J: #16
    • Two new teachers start at a school, Miss Snell and Miss Whiteman. Gemma and her friends are suspicious of the mean Miss Snell as she seems to always now what their up to and has super hearing. But the girls should have been more wary of the seemingly nice art teacher Miss Whiteman before they got added to her pottery figures collection.
  • Skeleton Corner – Wedding Rings – M&J: #17
    • Josie is helping her sister with her wedding preparations. She is annoyed that someone keeps ringing to enquire about the things they are selling. She keeps telling them they have a wrong number but they just say they’ve rang too early. When her sister’s fiance is killed and her sister says she just wants to get rid of all her wedding stuff, she knows who is on the phone when it starts to ring.
  • Skeleton Corner – Strangest Places – M&J: #18
    • While on holidays Kelly and Ann keep seeing a girl that seems to be looking for someone but disappears when they go to talk to her. Their parents tell them a ghost story of a girl who waited for her sailor boyfriend to return.
  • Skeleton Corner – The Day Norman’s Number Came Up! – M&J: #19
    • Jenni’s family get a new phone with caller display and redial option. When she tries it with her boyfriend’s number, the phone keeps displaying #643. It’s only later she finds out Norman had an accident on an old road B643.
  • Skeleton Corner – Before Midnight… – M&J: #20
    • Patti is having a party at her house, when her neighbour, Mrs Brady, comes to complain about the noise. Patti refuses to turn down the music and is rude to her so Mrs Brady tells her before midnight she will prick her finger and fall asleep for 100 years. She sends the rest of the night avoiding sharp objects then, a minute before midnight she cuts her finger on the can.
  • Skeleton Corner – The Ghost Ship – M&J: #21
    • Gail and her family are out on a boat, when Gail sees an old fashioned pirate ship coming towards them in the fog. They are hit but are rescued by a father and son, they laugh at Gail’s notion that the pirate ship was a ghost ship. On shore they see that there is a carnival going on and the owner of the pirate ship tells them it broke its moorings. Gail turns to talk to their rescuers but they and their powerboat have vanished.
  • Skeleton Corner – The Cat– M&J: #22
    • Jane starts feeding a cat that turns up at her house. Meanwhile at school she is always getting in trouble with  Miss Watson, who always seems to knows what Jane gets up to at home. After an accident with glue at home, Jane has to cut some of the cat’s fur, she is shocked to see Miss Watson has a similar bald patch the next day.
  •  Skeleton Corner – Echoes – M&J: #23
    • Helen is staying with her friend Natasha, who tells her that the house is meant to be haunted with a ghost calling out a person’s name. That night Helen is woken by someone calling her name. When she tells Natasha about it, she introduces her to her gran’s parrot. Helen feels silly at first but then when the parrot is gone someone is still calling her name.
  •  Skeleton Corner – Jack and Jill – M&J: #24
    • Jill takes the Halloween challenge of crossing an old marsh in the hopes of getting to know a boy Jack. She is late arriving and tries to catch up to them she sees a light in the distance to guide her. She runs into Jack who tells her the rest of the gang chickened out, but he came to find her. He doesn’t have any lantern with him though.
  •  Skeleton Corner – The Haunting – M&J: #25
    • Chrissie keeps having strange visions of being attacked by wild creatures, such as lions and snakes. It turns out she is sharing her brother’s visions when he fell into a fever after a visit to the tropics.
  •  Skeleton Corner – Knock! Knock! – M&J: #26
    • Alison Kerr’s brother, Kevin, keeps needing his room checked as he hears noises. One night when he can’t be calmed down Alison swaps rooms with him, but then hears knocking in the cupboard, she runs from the horrible sight in the cupboard… which is Bones the storyteller!
  •  Skeleton Corner – The Three Wishes – M&J: #27
    • Julie buys a ring that will grant her three wishes, but is warned it may not bring her happiness. She wishes for a best friend and the next day new girl Sandra joins the class. Things go well for a while but then Julie’s possessiveness ruins things so she wishes Sandra won’t dump her. But then Sandra gets in an accident, so she uses her third wish to make her better.
  • Skeleton Corner – Superstitious Sue – M&J: #28
    • Jo’s sister  Sue was very superstitious. When they win a holiday to Caribbean with the lucky numbers Sue picked, the family are happy. But then Sue gets nervous as they are going to fly over Bermuda Triangle. After some turbulence, they do arrive safely but it turns out it’s a year later!
  • Skeleton Corner – Reflections – M&J: #29
    • Jane keeps getting startled by her reflections, such asappearing to be old when she looks in a shop window, it turns out to be an old woman looking out. She begins to think it’s an omen, then she sees a skeleton (Bones!) in the mirror, breaking the mirror, Bones tells the readers she will have 7 years bad luck now!
  • Skeleton Corner – Freckle Face – M&J: #30
    • Petra disliked her freckles and tried to get rid of them, then a strange catalogue appears by her bed one night, it has pictures of her, it says she has to choose the one she likes best. She chooses the picture with no freckles, and the next morning her freckles are gone, but it comes with a price as she becomes more horrible losing her friends.
  • Skeleton Corner – With Greetings From… – M&J: #31
    • Kara hides a christmas card from her friend Abby’s boyfriend, as she wants to spend time with her friend and while the couple were fighting, they had more time. Then she gets chased by a snowman which she discovers is the snowman from the card.
  • Skeleton Corner – Skin Deep – M&J: #32
    • Bones attends a fancy dress party, he is happy to socialize without scaring people. But at midnight when everyone takes off their masks he is shocked to find everyone is actually the same under their masks!
  • Skeleton Corner – The Lonesome Pine – M&J: #33
    • Nearby in a town there are 7 pine trees, known as the 7 sisters. The Council insist on using one of them as town Christmas tree, which doesn’t make one resident, Gail, happy. True to her predictions disasters keep falling on the town. Then after a strange dream Gail visits the 7 sisters to see the tree is back and magically reattached to stump.
  • Skeleton Corner – Ring in the New – M&J: #34
    • Jodie’s family phone is broken but, new year’s evening she gets a phone call saying her parents have been in an accident. She goes to look for them and stops them before a big advertising sign falls on their car, she realises the call was a warning.
  • Skeleton Corner – The Name Game – M&J: #35
    • Lauren gets her boyfriend Damian a mug with his name on it but after a fight she gives it to her younger brother instead. Then whatever happens to mug seems to happen to Damian, a crack and he gets cut the handle breaks and Damian breaks his arm.
  • Skeleton Corner – Boys and Girls Come Out to Play – M&J: #36
    • When Sally moves to a new village, she goes out to find people her own age to play with. She finds a group of children in old fashioned clothes, playing a game Two Stones. But the next day at school, the History teacher says no children live in the house she mentioned and the game Two Stones died out years ago.
  • Skeleton Corner – The Old Story – M&J: #37
    • Lindsay gets taught a lesson by Bones by being turned into an old person. While she takes advantage of some discounts she is pleased to be young again and helps out an old woman she ignored earlier.
  • Skeleton Corner – The Longest Night – M&J: #38
    • Rachel’s brother Jon keeps having nightmares about it being dark forever, their gran says it reminds her of a legend of battle between light and dark. When the electricity goes out Jon lights a candle and nearly starts a fire, they put the candle out, but in the morning it seems darkness has won because there is no light.
  • Skeleton Corner – 4 Ever – M&J: #39
    • Kim and Tim carve their names into a tree and “together 4 ever”. When they break up a while later, it seems their promise must be kept because no matter where they go the other person always appears too!g
  • Skeleton Corner – Stupid Cupid! – M&J: #40
    • Bones plays at being Cupid but his arrow aim is terrible and he makes things worse. Cupid himself isn’t happy with Bones wither and gives him a taste of his meddlings.
  • Skeleton Corner – A Skeleton’s Best Friend – M&J: #41
    • Bones takes his dog, Dracula, to a dog show, after seeing other dogs with their owners, he comments it’s true that in time pets and owners begin t resemble each other. This scares Dracula into running off!
  • Skeleton Corner – All That Glitters – M&J: #48
    • Leanne’s family move to a new home, which the neighbour says is haunted by Miss Golding , who loved jewels. Soon after her birthday Leanne notices her jewellery going missing, then she finds an old picture in the attic of Miss Golding and she is wearing the missing jewellery
  • Skeleton Corner – Wake Me Up! – M&J: #50
    • Lucy Kemp is determined to stay awake so she can greet her dad when he returns late from a long business trip away. She thinks keeping herself scared will help. From her M&J mag she thinks Skeleton Corner will help, but then says Bones is not that scary. Bones shows up to try and prove her wrong but she only laughs at him.
  • Skeleton Corner – The Mirror – M&J: #52
    • Julia and her Mom are driving to her aunt’s house. Julia tells her mom about a legend of a phantom hitcher on the road. Soon after her mother spots a shadow in the mirror but there is no one there when she turns around.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #61
    • Sally is terrorised by a film called “Ii’ll Get You” about a toy clown that comes to life.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #62
    • Tanya and Penny decide to use a ghost story as an excuse for why they are late for school, they are schocked when later they are confronted by the ghost.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #63
    • Julie a selfish girl, agrees to exchange her poster to a girl who says she has a magic pen that can’t write wrong. She claims she has to test it out first, when the pen works she doesn’t hold up her end of the bargain. But things don’t go right when at school she finds the ink disappears of her exam.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #66
    • Jenny becomes obsessed with honey eating it all the time, so much so she turns into a bee!
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #69
    • Jo and her brother Dan get a new computer game where Syd the snake, sneaks up on the character. But then Syd starts sneaking into other things too like films and tv shows, then they hear a hiss coming from their own house!
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #72
    • Lynne doesn’t take good care of her horse Midnight, and sells him to a high bidder rather than people who would give him a good home. Late night she thinks she sees Midnight going into barn, she follows him and gets stuck, cold hungry, she realises what Midnight must have felt like.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #77
    • Marnie holds a Halloween party at her new house. They play a game “Murder in the Dark” but no one admits to being the murderer.  A few days later, clearing out the attic, she finds an old party dress and a slip of paper with murderer written on it. Could a ghost have joined in their games?
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #86
    • Liza’s tv seems to show what people are at her house door, including an unwanted visitor.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #91
    • Gail isn’t happy to be stuck in intermediate skiing while on a class trip. She goes off her own to try more interesting slopes, but the problem is no-one is around to help her when she comes across abominable snowman.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #92
    • Julie is waiting for a valentine’s card from her boyfriend. Another card arrives for a previous resident, Emily, who had died years ago thinking her boyfriend didn’t care. That night Julie leaves letter on her locker and the next morning it has disappeared, in it’s place a handkerchief with the initial “E”.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #104
    • Briony finds things keep getting moved around in her room, she thinks the house has poltergeist but no one believes her. She tells a girl who does believe her and soon things stop getting moved around.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #107
    • Sadie’s family go to satay at a house that used to be a jail house. Sadie has a nightmare that she is in prison. She wakes and goes back to sleep but where will she be when she wakes again?
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #108
    • Jo Johnson and her friend Emma are playing a prize giving arcade game called Aladdin’s Cave.  When they win they are surprised when their money is also returned. Emma gets nervous and leaves but Jo continues. All the prizes help form an unfriendly genie.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #110
    • Alison’s notebook warns of big trouble for her friend Helen.
  • Skeleton Corner – M&J: #113
    • Friends find out their new teacher really has eyes on the back of her head!


Other Appearances:

  • The Boys from Beyond  – Judy Annual 1993 (Art: Guy Peeters)
  • Two sisters, Tanya and Fay, are getting ready to attend a Halloween party at their father’s hotel. Before the party, Tanya is disappointed when her favourite metal band Darkest Night, skip their appearance on a TV show. They attend the party but it is a further disappointment, as it all old people attending. They then meet a boy, Luke,  their own age who is dressed up in old fashioned clothes. They go for a walk together and come across a farmhouse, that is suposed to be empty, has lights on. Tanya is delighted to find inside is Darkest Night rehearsing. Luke apparently is not a metal fan and runs away from the noise. Fay follows him and Tanya is left to talk with the band.They explain that they picked this place to play becuase their next album Boy from Beyond is about a young  ghost from the area.  Tanya figures Luke is a ghost and that now he’s alone with her sister. The lead singer reassures her that even if Luke is a ghost he won’t hurt her ghosts just appear and vanish again. Tanya finds Luke and Fay and discovers he is pale and sensitive to noise because he recently had an accident but he is not a ghost. She re-enters the farmhouse only to find the band doing a montage of their cover art. They were the Boys from Beyond.
  • Bargain Basement! – Mandy Annual 1994 (Art: Oliver Passingham)
  • Carrie works part time at a department store Dinnegans. She is excited about the Christmas party, but it turns out to be quite boring with an old fashioned band. She is about to leave when she hears music coming from the basement. She finds a party much more to her liking and a good looking guy asks her to dance.  For some reason she isn’t put off by his enigmatic way of talking, even when she is the one that gives him his name Mark.M94_bargainbasementMark is disappointed when Carrie leaves, but says they can meet at next years party. The next day Carrie mentions to another employee, that she joined the other Christmas party. She tells her there was no other party. Carrie investigates the basement and gets nervous when it is filled with dusty mannequins, she trips dropping her pen. She is jumpy the rest of the day, and is shocked to find Mark a mannequin set up for a new office display. She thinks she may have imagined it all, when she spots her pen beside Mark and a note “See you at the party next year”. Bones finishes the story by telling us readers that Carrie has decided to leave her job, so there’s a vacancy if anyone is interested, they have great Christmas parties.!
  • Skeleton Corner – Mandy Annual 1995

3 thoughts on “Skeleton Corner

  1. I still think it was pretty daring to have a skeleton as a host in a girls’ comic. That’s what I like about Skeleton Corner.

    One story I remember was one where a girl tastes honey for the first time. She becomes addicted to honey and eats everything with honey. But you know what happens when people eat too much of one kind of food, don’t you?

    And there was another where two girls who wish every day was Friday. An old lady overhears and tells them to be grateful for each day as it is, but they just sneer at her. Soon they find themselves repeating Friday over and over – including the same old classroom test over and over – and realise Friday is no good without Saturday to follow. The old lady must be behind it and the girls set off to find her. Bones says it is a pity they didn’t ask for Thursday so they could read M&J every day. Yes, but the same M&J over and over, Bones?

  2. A few more Skeleton Corner stories I remember:

    Janie wishes to fly and a robin grants her wish. At first it is exhilarating – until it comes to the matter of stopping. The robin doesn’t know how to do that and Janie never asked about stopping anyway. Janie is left to fly forever. Bones leaves us with the warning to be sure that what we wish for is what we really want.

    Welcome to the ghost tour where the guides are the ghosts themselves! But be warned – only those with the strongest nerves of steel can get through this tour!

    A strange crone gives a girl a horse on the condition that she give the horse back when asked. At a gymkhana a rival’s horse goes lame and asks to borrow the girl’s, but the girl refuses. She doesn’t want the competition. But the rival turns out to be the crone in disguise. And as the girl didn’t keep her end of the bargain, she loses her horse. Bones tells us that we mustn’t just take – we must give as well.

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