The Lass of Flinty Farm / Jill of the Fighting Form


Jill Foster lives with her father in a farm in the hills.  When she starts at a posh grammar school, she encounters problems such as teasing and a teacher with a grudge.  Her biggest problems were from the Birkett sisters who were actually her cousins, but would never admit it. But her skill at hockey receives admiration from others and she finds a good friend in Monica Marsden.

Jill returns in Jill in the Fighting Form, after an accident her eyesight is damaged and she fears she won’t be able to play hockey again. But with some help from her friends she overcomes her problems.

lass of flinty farm



  • The Lass of Flinty Farm –  Judy:  #01 (16 January 1960) – #19 (21 May 1960)
  • Jill in the Fighting Form – Judy: #20 (28 May 1960) – #37 (24 September 1960)

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