A Pony Tale


Stories about the different British ponies told by the ponies themselves. Each story had it’s own title. One such story is  Spoilt Snowy about a  welsh mountain pony, who is a showhorse. He ends up learning to be a mountain pony after wandering away from a crash. Another Patient Penny is about a Dartmoor pony who keeps getting sold off when her owners outgrow her, she finally finds a forever home with a young dissabled girl Judy, who just wants her for going on rambles.


  • Art: Terry Aspin


  • A Pony Tale – Suzy: #182 (1 March 1986) – #191 (3 May 1986)

List of Episodes:

  • Black Day for Bracken – Suzy #182
  • Mischievieous Heather – Suzy #183
  • Last Post for Dougal – Suzy #184
  • A New Life for Nipper – Suzy #185
  • Dark Days for David – Suzy #186
  • Inky from the Irish Isle – Suzy #187
  • Hard Times for Henry – Suzy #188
  • No Job for Joey – Suzy #189
  • Patient Penny – Suzy #190
  • Spoilt Snowy – Suzy #191

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