Cinderella of the Orphanage


Cindy Winters has grown up in Oldbank Orphanage, when  she is old enough she is given the letter and a photograph that her mother left with her as a baby. The photo is of 4 young girls in costumes and this is the starting point for Cindy to try and track down her mother.

cindrella of orphanage


  • Text Story
  • Later the story was adapted into picture story for Bunty Picture Story Library  Book “I Must Find My Mum”
  • “I Must Find My Mum” (PSL) –  Art: J. Badesa


  • Cinderella of the Orphanage–  Bunty: #157 (14 January 1961) – #173 (06 May 1961)
  • Adapted into PSL “I Must Find My Mum” – Bunty Picture Story Library #237
  • Reprinted as “I’ll Find My Mum” –  Bunty Picture Story Library #402

 Other Appearances:

  • Cinderella of the Orphanage –  Bunty Annual 1961

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