Diana Annual 1986

Pages Content Notes
Cover Cover Girl
2-3 School for Magicians Picture
4-5 Diana for Girls A title page
6 Alvin Poster
7-14, 117-125 The Sad Romance of Jason and Mary
Mandy Jones finds a gravestone with the names Jason
and Mary and the crossed flags of the American civil war.
A man sees her looking and tells the story Jason and Mary
and their friend a slave boy named Toby. (Colour)
Picture story

Art-  Andy Tew

15 The Truth About Ruth
Article about Ruth Madoc Hi-Di-Hi actress (colour)
16-17 Diana’s Do-It-Yourself Christmas
How to make nativity scene, Christmas stockings etc (colour)
18-19 Wham: George/ Andrew Posters
20-29 Sam at Hungry Hall
Sam wants to lose weight, and goes to stay at a health farm.
She is constantly annoyed by another guest, Fred (colour)
Picture story

Art: Norman Lee

30-31 Smash Hit Musicals- Act 1
Photos of musicals; sound of music and godspell
32, 48, 62, 80, 116 The Enchanted Cottage
A story that spans years starting in 1790 and finishing
in 1985, about the families that live in a cottage.
Text story
33-43 Amber Goes to War
Jenny and Richard grow up together and fall in love. As children
they each got dogs Major and Amber. Then Richard has to go to war. 
When he goes missing Amber looks for him (black & white)
Picture story

Art: Pat Tourret

44-45 …And They Sing, Too!
article about actors who also had singing careers (b&w)
46-47 Dogs: Alsatian/ Golden Retriever
Sketches of dogs (b&w)
49-57 Lord of the Red Eyes- a man in black story
Sally and Carol witness The Lord of the Red eyes freed
from his prison of stone circle by bulldozers (colour)
Picture story

Art: David Matysiak

58-59 Models – in the Making
Article about young models (colour)
60-61 Making Up
Tips in how to use make up (colour)
63-66 Your Zodiac Guide to Holiday Fun
What holidays you should enjoy according to star sign (colour)
67-76 Eye of the Tiger
In 1922 lord and lady mount joy and their infant daughter
Pauline are in India. Lady mount joy is not happy with her
husband’s hunting especially when he shoots a tiger cub.
Picture story

[Art: Rossend Franch?]

77 Kim Poster
78-79 Smash Hit Musicals- Act 2
Photos of musicals; Jesus Christ superstar, Pirates of Penzance,
Barnum, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
81-91, 96 The Puddlethorpe Curse
Humour story. Arabella is always clumsy around boys she
fancies. Her gran gives her a book telling of a family curse (b&w) 
Picture story

[Art: Brian Delaney]

92-93 …And They Act Too!
article on singers that have acted too (b&w)
94-95 Raleigh Round!
Article on Fionnadh Young and how she joined
Operation Raleigh (b&w)
97-108 Jenny V the Master
Jenny gets transported inside her computer and
has to save the world from the master (colour)
Picture story

[Art: Luigi Stefou]

109 Simon Le Bon Poster
110-111 Diana the Fairytale Princess
Article about Princess Diana (colour)
112-113 Are You a Quiz Kid?
Quiz to see how successful you are at quizes (colour)
114-115 Smash Hit Musicals- Finale
Photos of musicals; Singin’ in the rain, Cats,
Starlight Express, Song and Dance
126-127 School for Magicians Picture

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