Judy Annual 1977


Picture Stories

  • Gloomy Day (Pages: 6-12) [Art:  Jose Maria Bellalta?]
  • Wee Slavey (Pages:18-21) [Art: John Higson]
  • Newshound Nell (Pages:25-29) [Art: Robert Hamilton]
  • Christmas Story (Pages:33-39)
  • Mum Knows Best (Pages:42-44)
  • Bobby Dazzler (Pages:51-53) [Art: Giorgio Letteri]
  • According to Plan (Pages:62-64) [Art: Rodney Sutton]
  • Janie B. Quick (Pages:65)
  • “Love Me, Love My Horse!” (Pages:70-74) [Art: Oliver Passingham]
  • Big ‘n’ Bertha (Pages:77)
  • Three’s Company (Pages:78-80) [Art: Rodney Sutton]
  • Volcano (Pages:84-88) [Art: Martin Puigagut?]
  • If Dreams Come True (Pages:92-95) [Art: Jim Baikie]
  • Big Spender (Pages:97-101) [Art: Robert Hamilton]
  • The Ghost of Green Abbey (Pages:106-111) [Art: Jim Baikie]
  • The Problem (Pages:114-116) [Art: Jim Baikie]
  • Big Sister (Pages:120-125) [Art: Ian Kennedy]

Text Stories

  • Christmas in the Country (Pages:22-24)
  • The House on the Hill (Pages:48-50)
  • The Magic Place (Pages:55-57)
  • Green Fingers (Pages:103-105)


  • All Sorts of Horses (Pages: 2-3/ 126-127)
  • Make Your Own Posters and Greeting Cards (Pages:13-16)
  • A Garden in a Jam-Jar (Pages:17)
  • Lulu Growing Up (Pages:30-32)
  • Shell Craft (Pages:40-41)
  • Cut it Out! (Pages:45-47)
  • Steady On! (Pages:54)
  • Meet the Matu (Pages:58-59)
  • Dotty Discs (Pages:61)
  • Wish Your Friends a Snappy Greeting! (Pages:60)
  • How the Teddy Bear Got His Name (Pages:66-67)
  • Make Your Own Teddy (Pages:68-69)
  • The Calendar That’s Never Out of Date (Pages:75)
  • Make Your Own 3D Pop Pix! (Pages:76)
  • Cute ‘n’ Cuddly (Pages:81)
  • The Courage of a Young Queen (Pages:82-83) [Art: Claude Berridge]
  • Wicked Winnie (Pages:89)
  • Christmas Crackers (Pages:90-91)
  • A Snowman With a Secret (Pages:96)
  • Smi-Ling! (Pages:102)
  • Pony Trek (Pages:112)
  • A Place for Everything (Pages:113)
  • Saving Grace (Pages:117)
  • Paper Makes a Pretty Picture (Pages:118-119)

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