M&J – neighbours and friends


The two title characters of M&J become best friends when Judy moves next door to Mandy. This starts as a 2 page humour and soap like, picture story. When this was finished it was replaced by written diary told by  Mandy or Judy. The Diaries of M&J was initially 2 pages, then got reduced to 1 page and then to half a page. While the Diaries of M&J was running, the comic also had a cartoon section that featured different 3 panel humour strips, which included an M&J strip occasionally.






  • M&J – neighbours and friends–    M&J: #01 (18 May 1991) – #46 (28 Mar. 1992)
  • The Diaries of M&J – M&J: #47 (04 April 1992) – #195 (4 February 1995)
  • M&J (cartoon) –  First appeared  M&J: #75 (17 October 1992)

Other Appearances:

  • Judy Annual 1993
  • Mandy Annual 1993
  • Mandy Annual 1994


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