Molly in Lonely Wood


Molly is confined to a wheelchair after a fall from a horse and becomes fed up with life. But then she starts helping a Mrs Wilson a naturalist who is writing  a book about the animals that live in a wood near her home and her recovery started to improve.

molly lonley wood


  • Artist: Ken Hunter


  • Molly in Lonely Wood –  Bunty: #01 (18 January 1958) – #20 (31 May 1958)
  • Reprinted  – Debbie: #86 (5 October 1974) – #104 (8 February 1975)


One thought on “Molly in Lonely Wood

  1. Molly In Lonely Wood ends in 20 (May 31 1958). This series is based on the second series of text stories about Lonely Wood in The Wizard 1529 (Jun. 4 1955) – 1540 (Aug. 20 1955), the cripple in this case being gamekeeper Frank Freeman’s eleven-year-old son Billy.

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