Old Walnut


Old Walnut is the nickname of an old piano, often a face would appear on the front of the piano, caused by the graining of the wood and the way the light shone on it. The piano had many owners over the years and somehow helps people  in need, such as giving a girl courage to dance at an audition after a family accident distresses her.




  • Old Walnut–  Diana: #228 (01 July 1967) – #236 (26 August 1967)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #971 (19 August 1978) – #980 (21 October 1978)


4 thoughts on “Old Walnut

  1. As a child who had piano lessons at the time “Old Walnut” was printed, I found it heartbreaking in the final installment when poor “Old Walnut” was set on fire.

  2. The best story in’Diana”. As a child attending piano lessons when this story was featured, I enjoyed all Old Walnut’s adventures but was distressed when the piano was torched.

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