One Shall Be Queen


Podge  and her twin sister Janet are brought from England, to the Island of Lamona, in the South Seas, where one of them will be crowned Queen of the Island. Podge is convinced their mother who was lost at seas years ago is alive and on the island.

one queen



  • One Shall Be Queen–  Bunty: #181 (1 July 1961) – #189 (26 August 1961)


6 thoughts on “One Shall Be Queen

  1. One Shall Be Queen ran in BUNTY 181 (1 July 1961) – 189 (26 August 1961). To find this information I had to consult David Roach’s listing of BUNTY’s serials because my issues from 1961 and some other early years, are still in the lock-up in Penzance. I can assure Laura that David’s listings are carefully researched and therefore completely reliable.

  2. Yes. I can’t remember what her real name was or even if it was ever mentioned in the story. I haven’t managed so far to track down the original Buntys in which the story appeared. But now I have a better idea of around when this story was published. Thanks to this website. The Misty sounds a great comic but it appeared after I had moved onto to teenage reading. Sadly!

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