Sadie Macbeth


Sadie Macbeth comes across three witches, one Halloween night. Now all she has to do is whistle and the witches, Vinny, Cassie and Prue, will come and do her bidding.



  • Obviously influenced by Shakespeare’s Macbeth (without the tragedy!).
  • A similar story showed up in Debbie in 1977, called Mary MacBeth


  • Sadie MacBeth –  Diana: circa #224 (03 Jun. 1967) – #239 (16 Sep. 1967)

Other Appearances:

  • Sadie MacBeth – Diana Annual 1969


1 thought on “Sadie Macbeth

  1. Sadie Macbeth starts in Diana somewhere between 220 (May 6 1967) and 224 (Jun. 3 1967). It finishes in 239 (Sep. 16 1967).

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