The Blue Tulip


Wilhelmina Brouwer lives in Holland during World War II.  Her father has been imprisoned by the Germans, leaving Willi  in charge of the precious blue tulips he took years to develop.

blue tulip



  • The Blue Tulip–  Bunty: #159 (28 January 1961) – #176 ( 27 May 1961)


7 thoughts on “The Blue Tulip

  1. This is the one I have been trying to find( I was searching for black tulip initially!) I think it also had another story which I vaguely remember but which had an even greater impact on me about a dystopian future where everyone lives underground and there are no plants…. someone has a small plant hidden which they have managed to keep alive…. it was v sci fi, depressing but almost foretelling our bleak future! Would love to read it again!

    1. Also, I remember the tulip story being set in 17th/18th century Europe ( not Uk) perhaps it was another version? I read it in the 80s but it could easily have been a very old book! ( didn’t read these regularly! I was more of a whizzed and chips/beano fan!

    2. This story must have been inspired by The Black Tulip. I don’t think they’ve come up with a blue one, but it would be really cool if they did.

    1. No, sounds more like The Forbidden Garden from Jinty. The description does fit that serial better. No plants (soil poisoned by pollution). Protagonist finds a patch of fertile soil and tries to grow a flower, but is breaking the law by doing so and having to keep it secret. Protagonist’s family is forced to move to the dreaded C Zone, which is so polluted the residents have to live in underground flats, which are very shabby.

  2. ‘The Blue Tulip’ ran in BUNTY 159 (January 28 1961) – 176 ( May 27 1961). I have two issues missing in the run but I clearly have enough to write a 3-line summary for my book, if I decide that the story is worth including.

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