The Courage of Wendy Evans


Wendy Evans is determined to become an ice skater even after a road accident leaves her blind.



  • Reprinted in Debbie with a new artist


  • The Courage of Wendy Evans –  Diana:  #212 (11 Mar 1967) – #227 (24 June 1967)
  • Reprinted (new artist) – Debbie: #358 (22 December 1979) – #371 (22 March 1980)


3 thoughts on “The Courage of Wendy Evans

  1. As I’ve just been working on the first appearance in DIANA of ‘The Courage Of Wendy Evans’, Lorraine, I can correct your ending number and add its date. It ended in issue 227 (June 24 1967).

  2. Looks like “The Pink Peril” from Diana wasn’t the only serial to reappear in Debbie with new artwork. I wonder if there are others?

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