The Goal-Scorer


Linda Marshall would like to play on the netball team but she has a weak leg. However her dog Chum has helped her practice with such things as passing balls and dodging. But Chum has upset the new Laird and Linda has to hide him so he won’t be put down.




  • The Goal-Scorer–  Diana: #212 (11 March 1967) – #219 (29 April 1967)


8 thoughts on “The Goal-Scorer

  1. Yes, that’s the one, Lorraine. Thank you. According to my notes, it was preceded by Suzette Of The Silver Sword and The Gipsy’s Challenge. I can’t confirm any further information at the moment because, as you know, my collections are still in the lock-up until next weekend.

    1. Glad I could help find the story at least. I’m sure even when your collection arrives it will be quite a job sorting through them all!

  2. Not a job that I will mind though, Lorraine, as I haven’t seen inside any of those boxes for over four months. I suspect that Russ and Rach and the children will come back from Liverpool on Saturday to give the children Sunday with their friends down here as it’s school again on Monday, but I doubt whether I will get any boxes from the lock-up before Monday evening because although technically Monday is Russ’s day off, I’m as sure as I can be that as he has an important job, he will go into work, if only for just long enough to get updated on whatever has happened while he has been away. I’ll just have to wait a little longer. ‘Patience is a virtue’ as my mother used to say.

  3. Can anybody please tell me the issue number and date of the first episode of ‘The Goal-Scorer’ in DIANA. I don’t have that issue in my collection but, as I am including the story in BUNTY AND HER SISTERS, I would rather not use a ‘circa’ number as Lorraine has been forced to do. The reason I want to include it is that it is a sort of female version of a ‘Limp-Along Leslie’ text episode in the boys’ story paper ‘The WIZARD’, and is of similar quality. Just like the lame footballer Leslie Thomson in ‘The WIZARD’, the protagonist in DIANA, Lindy Marshall, is lame, Leslie’s dog ‘Pal’ is matched in name by Lindy’s dog ‘Chum’, both dogs are the runt of their respective litters, but their owners refuse to have them put down because despite their obvious infirmities, they display the sorts of skills that will be required of them as they grow up, and both Leslie and Lindy are sheep farmers.

    1. I’ve queried on the facebook girls comics- uk page about this, no answer yet but I’ll update here if anyone can help.

      1. Hi Derek, Paul Brown on the girls comics Facebook page, gmhas checked his issues and found start date as 212 (11 march 1967)

        1. Thank you, Lorraine, and of course Paul and gm, for providing me with that information. If possible, could Paul ask gm if the 212 heading block picture is identical to the one in 213, and if not, could gm get a scan of the 212 picture to me, via you if necessary, so that I can use it with my entry for ‘The Goal-Scorer’. If that is not possible, I will just have to use the hbp from 213. I doubt whether anyone would object.

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