Two-Ton Ingrid


Ingrid Bergen has been exposed to an experimental ray that makes her weight increase whenever her eyes are exposed to daylight. This causes a lot of problems but helps her out of some tricky situations too.



  • Art: Mollie Higgins


  • Two-Ton Ingrid–  Diana:  #168 (07 May 1966) – #174 (18 June 1966)


2 thoughts on “Two-Ton Ingrid

  1. Two-Ton Ingrid ran in Diana 168 (May 7 1966) – 174 (Jun. 18 1966). The basic concept has been influenced by The Mighty Atom, a serial about a four-foot-six-inch wrestler, whose actual name was Hal Weston, who was able to change his weight at will. At his heaviest nobody could move him. The first series about Hal ran in 1945, the second one started in 1945 but continued into 1946.

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