Bonnie and Claude


Bonnie and Claude Plank are a pair of ballroom dancers who kidnap Laura Balmain for a ransom to start their own dance studio. She outwits them but then they save her from another kidnapper.  Her father gives them money for saving Laura, but they have to teach her to dance during Summer Holidays. The return in other series where they always seem to find trouble, luckily they are helped out by their young friend, Laura.

bonnie and claude


  • Art: Andy Tew


  • Bonnie and Claude –  Bunty: #1501 (18 October 1986) – #1514 (17 January 1987)
  • Bonnie and Claude –  Bunty: #1575 (19 March 1988) – (?)
  • Bonnie and Claude –  Bunty: #1655 (30 September 1989) – #1666 (16 December 1989)
  • Bonnie and Claude –  Bunty: #1787 (11 April 1992) – #1801 (18 July 1992)

Other Appearances:

  • Bonnie and Claude – Bunty Annual 1990
  • Bonnie and Claude – Bunty Annual 1992
  • Bonnie and Claude–  Bunty Picture Story Library # 331
  • Bonnie and Claude–  Bunty Picture Story Library # 340
  • Bonnie and Claude–  Bunty Picture Story Library # 346


4 thoughts on “Bonnie and Claude

  1. “Bonnie and Claude” first appeared in Bunty #1501 (October 18, 1986) – #1514 (January 17, 1987). They kidnap Laura wanting the ransom money to start a dancing studio. Laura learns she can easily outwit them so she stays with them as she hated her school. They end up saving her from another kidnapper so her father Lord Balmain gives them money for their dancing school. Their punishment for kidnapping Laura is they have to teach her to dance during summer holidays.

  2. Thanks Ronnie for dates, and Goof for artist information. Andy Tew is an artist I recognise now but still haven’t updated some old posts. I think J. Badesa did one of the PSL, but I don’t have a copy to double check.

    1. I’ve seen all the PSLs, but I don’t think Badesa was involved. All three were done by the same artist, who did a few PSLs around this time, but whom I’ve not been able to identify.

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