In Paula’s Place


Carrie Weaver is excited when she is fostered by the Hunts, but then she realises they are still grieving over the death of their daughter Paula. Strange things happen after Carrie moves into Paula’s old room and wears her old ring.

in paula's place


  • Art: Bert Hill


  • In Paula’s Place–  Bunty: #1822 (12 Dec 1992) – #1829 (30 Jan 1993)


3 thoughts on “In Paula’s Place

  1. The plot is driven by the malign influence of the antique ring on any girl who wears it, from Caroline Montfort, who was accused of witchcraft in the 17th century, and fell to her death into a nearby quarry, via Paula Hunt, who died when she lost control of her bike in Wildesham Woods and crashed into a tree, never regaining consciousness.

    During a pageant Carrie feels compelled to go to the quarry. The ring is burning her finger, and she cries out to Paula to help her. The ring stops burning so Carrie is now easily able to remove it. She throws it away into the quarry, and as she makes her way out of the wood she thinks she hears Paula or Caroline, or both, saying goodbye and thanking her. When she gets home she discovers that her foster parents, who were Paula’s actual parents, have removed all Paula’s photos and trophies, and are promising Carrie a whole new start.

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