Jodie and the Otter


Jodie Masters  on her way to a swimming competition, parachutes from a crippled plane into the Canadian wilderness. There she befriends an otter she names Buster.

jodie and otter


  • Before the Emma comic merged with Judy, the first part of a “Jodie and the Otter”  story was published in both the last issue of Emma and the Judy issue #1026. After the merger the story continued in Judy and Emma #1027.
  • Translated into Dutch: Debbie Parade Album #3 (1980) as “Jodie en de otter


  • Jodie and the Otter –  Emma: #01 (26 February 1978) – #19 (01 July 1978)
  • Jodie and the Otter (2) –  Emma:  #30 (16 September 1978) – #42 (09 December 1978)
  • Jodie and the Otter (3) –  Emma:  #81 (08 Sep. 1979) also printed in Judy: #1026 (08 Sep. 1979) continued in  – Judy and Emma #1027 (15 Sep. 1979) – #1037 (24 Nov. 1979)

Other Appearances:

  • Jodie and the Otter – Bunty-Judy Summer Special 1980


3 thoughts on “Jodie and the Otter

  1. It was in Bunty, 77 or 78 yrs, pub DCComics. I know this as I named baby sister after Jodie. She was born March 1978

    1. Must have been the first series that you got the name of Jodie for, as that appeared in February 1978 in the short lived comic Emma.

      I’ve had a few people comment on getting children’s names from the stories, shows how it must have inspired them!

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