Kay Rules…Ok?


Vicky Clark’s father is an inventor and builds Vicky a robot friend, Kay.



  • Art: Matías Alonso


  • Kay Rules…Ok? –  Emma: #02 (04 March 1978) – #09 (22 April 1978)
  • Kay Rules…Ok? –  Emma: #24 (05 August 1978)
  • Kay Rules…Ok? –  Emma: #27 (26 August 1978)
  • Kay Rules…Ok? –  Emma: #29 (09 September 1978) – #31 (23 September 1978)


6 thoughts on “Kay Rules…Ok?

    1. No, it does not look like Julian Vivas to me. It looks like the artist that some think is Matias Alonso, but some give another name: Pueyo or something like that.

      1. Is it two different people Julio or Julian Vivas? I would say it doesn’t seem to be Julian Vivas. I’ve seen similar artwork credited as Vitor Peon, but then others have said that it was wrongly credited! So difficult to be sure about these things!

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