Mandy Annual 1997

Picture Stories

  • Penny’s Place (Pages: 5-12) [Art: Maria Dembilio]
  • Gemma (Pages: 17-22) [Art: Veronica Weir]
  • Stage School (Pages: 23-29) [Art: Juliana Buch]
  • Pony Surprise (Pages: 30-32) [Art: Ian Kennedy]
  • Copy Cat [2 parts] (Pages: 49-53, 97-101) [Art: Edmond Ripoll]
  • Nurses (Pages: 58-64) [Art: Claude Berridge]
  • The Ghost (Pages: 65-69) [Art: Mario Capaldi]
    • Reworking with new art from Judy 1990 (The Ghost of Armley Fell)
  • Dreams (Pages: 70-75) [Art: Ron Lumsden]
  • The Lucky Horseshoe (Pages: 76-78) [Art: Cesar Spadari]
  • Christmas Wish (Pages: 106-111) [Art: Maria Dembilio]

Text Stories

  • The Bridesmaid (Pages: 47-48)
  • The Guy for Rachel (Pages: 88)
  • A Special Date (Pages: 121)

Photo Stories

  • Luck of the Draw (Pages: 13-16)
  • Coincidences (Pages: 116-119)


  • Photos (cover girls) (Pages: 2-3, 126-127)
  • Pin-Up (Pages: 33, 81, 96, 120)
  • Hunky Guys Puzzles (Pages: 34-37)
  • Crunchy ‘n’ Munchy (Pages: 38-39)
  • Make ‘n’ Do (Pages: 40-41)
  • Calendar [3 parts] (Pages: 42-43, 86-87, 124-125)
  • Funny Fax! (Pages: 44-45)
  • This is Me! (Pages: 46)
  • The Problem Is… (Pages: 54-55)
  • Who Needs Mates? (Pages: 56-57)
  • The Problem is… (Pages: 79-80)
  • TV Puzzles (Pages: 82-85)
  • Make ‘n’ Do (Pages: 89)
  • Furry Friends (Pages: 90-91)
  • Pig Out! (Pages: 92-93)
  • Figure It Out (Pages: 94-95)
  • Christmas Puzzles (Pages: 102-105)
  • Puzzle Answers (Pages: 112)
  • Well Made Up! (Pages: 113-115)
  • The Stars Foretell (Pages: 122-123)

5 thoughts on “Mandy Annual 1997

  1. Thanks Goof, for all the updates on the artists.

    Just to quote you here, as it is interesting about Cesar Spadari:
    “Interesting one here is “The Lucky Horseshoe”. I would have been rather inclined to think that this might be Julian Vivas, if it were not very clearly signed Cesar Spadari, a name I’ve never encountered before.”

    I have found artist on Lambiek now:
    I wasn’t familiar with the name before either

  2. Thank you, Lorrsadmin. I’ve since found that Catawiki credits Spadari as artist for the “School for Eggheads” series in Sally.

  3. I believe that The Ghost is a reprint or a remake of The Ghost of Armley Fell from the Judy 1990 annual (if you update this page, you could say that The Ghost is a reprint or a remake of The Ghost of Armley Fell with new artwork). This was very interesting to find out because The Ghost of Armley Fell was also reprinted as The Ghost Walk in the Mandy 2006 annual whilst maintaining the same artwork by “B Jackson” albeit in full colour rather than the original yellow, black, white and grey colour scheme.

    1. I would say its reworking because there’s a few other changes not just the art, such as its a boy she meets rather than girl and some change in dialogue.

      1. That’s a very good point about reworkings. I’m certain the same can be said for Acting Up! in Bunty annual 2003 being a reworking of Who’s Spoiling Things for Lucy? in Judy annual 1992. While both these stories have a similar plot, the former was illustrated by Eduardo Feito and set at a drama/stage school whereas the latter was illustrated by Claude Berridge and took place at a ballet school.

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