Myra Gold Budding Ballerina


Eleven-year-old Myra Gold is the secret owner of the Paladin Junior Ballet School and is enjoying her lessons there. Any time Myra need help her problems are always solved and she hears a mysterious voice which she believes is her dead mother’s.

myra gold



  • Myra Gold Budding Ballerina– Bunty: #1083 (14 October 1978) – #1103 ( 3 March 1979)


3 thoughts on “Myra Gold Budding Ballerina

  1. I loved this one the best, I liked the ghost story in it and the dynamics of the girls and I remember the bully girl Ursula, a girl from a poor background and myra with her lovely blonde hair. I liked the drawings for this story.

  2. “Myra Gold Budding Ballerina” begins in Bunty #1083 (October 14, 1978) and ends in Bunty #1103 (March 3, 1979)

  3. Myra Gold was one of my favourites! Never quite grasped the sudden emergence of her mother at the end though, I was just too young I guess!

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