The Taming of Teresa


Teresa is carried off and raised by a wolf as a baby. Years later her father finds her and brings her home, hoping he can make her act like a normal girl.

taming teresa



  • The Taming Of Teresa -Bunty: #579 (15 February 1969) – #600 (12 July 1969)
  • Reprinted – Bunty: #1083 (14 October 1978) – #1104 (10 March 1979)
  • Reprinted –  Lucky Charm: #20 (1982)


4 thoughts on “The Taming of Teresa

  1. Ali, it was first out in 1969. It was my all-time favourite Bunty story, so much so, that I tried rewriting it again with drawings, sometime after the originals had been consigned to the rubbish bin, I expect. I still have those. But I wrote to Bunty in 1985 and they had a copy in their star collection which I was able to read in its entirety all over again. I still have that copy!

    It was also the inspiration for one of my novels, many years later (Savage To Savvy). I’ve started a Taming Of Teresa board on Pinterest now 🙂

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