The Wandering Starrs


Dulcie Starr and her wheelchair bound sister, Bella are the only survivors of an Indian raid and hoped to complete their journey to their uncle in Sweet Water Valley on foot.

wandering starrs


  • Art: Manuel Cuyás


  • The Wandering Starrs–  Bunty: #1084 (21 October 1978) – #1098 (27 January 1979)
  • Reprinted- Bunty: #1331(16 July 1983) – #1346 (29 October 1983)


2 thoughts on “The Wandering Starrs

    1. I remember it too. Dulcie was 12 and Bella was eight. Bella was wheelchair bound. They were travelling to a settlement they could see in the distance… when they got there they actually found their mother who they thought had perished.

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