Stella Starr


Stella Starr is an alien who becomes stranded on Earth. She has many strange powers and has to adjust to living on Earth. She takes on various jobs during her stay, including being a policewoman, stunt girl and holiday rep.

stella starrStarletts


  • Writer: W. G. Ede


  • Stella Starr – Policewoman from Space –  Mandy: #326 (14 April 1973) – #338 (7 July 1973)
  • Stella Starr – Policewoman from Space – Mandy: #341 (28 July 1973) – #343 (11 August 1973)
  • Stella Starr – Redcoat from Space – Mandy: #549 (23 July 1977) – #556 (10 September 1977)
  • Stella Starr and the Last of the Scarletts – Mandy: #681 (02 February 1980) – #689 (29 Mar. 1980)

Other Appearances:

  • Stella Starr – Policewoman from Space – Mandy Annual 1974
  • Stella Starr – Mandy Annual 1975
  • Stella Starr- Redcoat from Space –  Mandy Annual 1979
  • Stella Starr – Mandy Annual 1981
  • Stella Starr – Stunt Girl – Mandy Annual 1983


2 thoughts on “Stella Starr

  1. Several years ago I drove down from my then home in Maghull, near Liverpool, to Cheltenham for an auction of comics and books etcetera. I stayed in a hotel the night before the auction to make sure I was there before the doors opened. I made several successful bids, and in one of the lots I found quite a number of typed scripts by W. G. Ede. I still have them. None of the stories are complete, and the majority of them are serials for boys. Nevertheless I do have several episodes of serial stories for girls in text form, which indicate clearly to the artist what he/she should draw in each panel. I have five episodes of ‘Stella Starr – Holiday Camp Girl From Outer Space’, five of ‘Stella Starr – Adventure Camp Girl From Outer Space’, and one of ‘Stella Starr And The Scarlett Line’. I don’t know what story papers they were destined for. I won’t bother listing here the titles of the stories for boys. I also have a letter to Mr Ede from the editor of D. C. Thomsons’ story paper SECRETS dated 15th May 1967, the signature on which looks like J P Harding. At the time Mr Ede was living at Church Cottage, Fleet Road, Fleet, WEYMOUTH.

  2. “Stella Starr – Policewoman from Space” ends in Mandy: #343 (August 11, 1973) instead of #338. I don’t know if it skipped some issues or not as I’m missing the issues between 335 and 342.

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