The Children Came Too!


When Jenny Smith’s father falls ill while abroad, Mrs. Smith flies out to look after him, leaving the children in the care of their Aunt Ivy.  Jenny is a keen athlete but finds it hard to train properly as Ivy refuses to look after the children when Jenny is not at school. So Jenny ends up having to take her younger siblings to training with her.



  • Artist: John Richardson


  • The Children Came Too! –  Mandy:  #249 (23 October 1971) – #259 (1 January 1972)


4 thoughts on “The Children Came Too!

  1. Does anybody know when this serial ended, please? It was still running in #256.

    By the way, the artist is indeed John Richardson. I’m blessed if I know how I left this out of the Richardson artwork list, but I’ll add it now.

  2. ‘The Children Came Too!’ ended in MANDY 259 (January 1 1972), Goof. It was replaced in 260 (January 8 1972) by either ‘Mrs Nobody’ or ‘Snip Of Dingle Wood’, both of which started in 260.

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