Double Trouble [1973] / Two Times Trouble


Mr Carter was stranded on a desert island for eleven years, when he returns his wife has died in a train crash and his baby daughter given to Sunnydale Orphanage. He finds that two girls with red hair survived the crash and were raised in the orphanage. He has taken both girls Rose and Jenny, now 13, on holiday to try and figure out which one is his daughter.

double trouble



  • Double Trouble –  Mandy:  #347 (15 September 1973) – #359 (01 December 1973)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #662 (22 September 1979) – #674 (15 December 1979)
  • Reprinted as Two Times Trouble – #1190(4 November 1989) – #1202 (27 January 1990)



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