The Sorrows of Smiley


Kathy Kay plays Smiley on a TV series “Northsiders”.  When her parents die in a flood, Kathy and her younger brother Tim were taken in by her Aunt Vera and Uncle Reg, who’s only concern was the money Kathy earned.

sorrows of smiley


  • Art:  Dudley Wynne


  • The Sorrows of Smiley  –  Mandy:  #1249 (22 December 1991) – #1261 (16 March 1991)



2 thoughts on “The Sorrows of Smiley

  1. Please tell me their parents were found alive after all or that Katy Kay and Tim were finally free of those two, especially the uncle, I remember him being especially vindictive

  2. The Sorrows Of Smiley runs in Mandy 1249 (Dec. 22 1990) – either 1262 (Mar. 23 1991) or 1263 (Mar. 30 1991). If I were a gambling man I would put my money on 1262 because no new serial starts in 1264.

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