Bunty Annual 1987

Cover /
2-3 Picture
4-5 Bunty for Girls Title Page
Robina Hood Picture story
At Christmas Time… Feature
Top Pets Feature
Molly the Matron Picture story
Toots Picture story
Willa the Wisp Picture story
It’s Paula! Feature
Safari Game Feature
Carolyn of the Circus Feature
Be a ‘Bunty’ Supergirl Feature
Dolls Through the Ages Feature
Margie’s Magic Aunt Picture story
The Four Marys Picture story
Animal Crackers Feature
Nonie’s Knight Picture story
64 Bunty’s Cut-Out and Colour Wardrobe Feature
The Teddy Bears’ Picnic Feature
The Lost World Feature
Poster: Dog Feature
Haggis Picture story
The Rockhaven Rescuers Picture story
The Queen of Hears Feature
Superlamb Picture story
The House of No Dolls Feature
The Flights of Flopear Picture story
Cobber the Koala Feature
Bunty Calendar 1987 Calendar
Snow in Summer Feature

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