Josie the Gymnast


Josie Jenkins mother worked as a cleaner at the local gymnasium, where “Scotty” Alex, a gymnastics coach, caught Josie playing on the apparatus. Recognising her talent, he decided to give her private instruction.

josie the gymnast


  • Art: George Martin
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Tessa van de turnclub ” – Debbie (Holco Publications, 1976 series) #3 (“Ballet en sportstrips).


  • Josie the Gymnast–  Bunty:  #857 (15 June 1974) – #867 (24 August 1974)
  • Reprinted –  Bunty: #1397 (20 October 1984) – #1407 (29 December 1984)


3 thoughts on “Josie the Gymnast

  1. Translated into Dutch as “Tessa van de turnclub” and published in Debbie (Holco Publications, 1976 series) #3 (“Ballet en sportstrips).

    Judging by the printed dates, this ran until Bunty #867 (24 August 1974).


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