Lady in the Looking-Glass


Pam Fenton had been  plump and very plain until she found a pair of ballet shoes that had belonged to a  ballerina who had died. Pam believed the shoes had a magic power and when she wore them she felt light and graceful and saw the reflection of a beautiful dancer in the mirror.

lady in the looking glass


  • Art:  Manuel Cuyàs


  • Lady in the Looking-Glass –  Bunty:  #1416 (02 March 1985) – #1432 (22 June 1985)
  • Reprinted in Dutch as De Dame in de spiegel – Debbie Parade Album #42 (1986)


3 thoughts on “Lady in the Looking-Glass

  1. Hi!

    This was not reprinted in Spanish, but in Dutch. In Debbie Parade Album #42, undated but presumed from 1986.

    And Dutch does not capitalize titles, so De dame in de spiegel is more correct.

    Hope this helps!


  2. If it were in Spanish, the sentence would be ‘La senora en el espejo’. There would also be a tilde over the n of senora to change the sound from a ‘n’ to a ‘ny’.

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