Parker Versus Parker


Carol Parker’s ambition is to be a gymnast, her talent doesn’t please her sister Elaine who is also training to be a gymnast. Carol’s mother an ex-ballerina is also upset as she wants Carol to follow in her footsteps.

parker vs parker


  • Art: Douglas Perry
  • Translated into Dutch as “Parker tegen Parker” – Tina #39/1982-85/1983


  • Parker Versus Parker –  Bunty:  #1231 (15 August 1981) – #1250 (26 December 1981)


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  1. Thank you for your reply, Lorraine. If I disregard my snuffly nose, clearly something to be expected at this time of year, I am keeping well. I will be spending Christmas Day with my younger son, Russell, and his family, (wife Rachel and children Lois (16)and Alex (13) who have moved house fairly recently to a lovely large house in St Erth Praze, which has a huge amount of land, which he will steadily fill with his ever-increasing number of camper vans (sometimes referred to as ‘motor homes’), which he rents out at eye-watering prices. My elder son, Andrew, will spend Christmas Day with his partner, Maria, and their children, Aurora (11) and Kelsey (8) but he will probably bring the girls down to my house in Hayle (Cornwall) on Boxing Day, and will hopefully stay here for a week to ten days before returning to London, Andrew to Wimbledon, the girls to Putney. I’ve already started to prepare my second bedroom just in case. He will bring a blowup mattress for the girls as I don’t have a double bed or even two singles in there. Too many books in the way!!!!
    On another matter, I have nearly finished writing my third book ‘BUNTY & HER SISTERS’ which I expect to be published in late March/early April 2023. I have already made all the necessary arrangements with Deanprint Limited in Stockport, Cheshire, who will print the book, as they did with my second book “This Was The Wizard”. I believe that I have already mentioned that the price will be £60 plus p&p. I hope that you, your partner, and especially Ruby, have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    1. Sounds like you’ll have a full Christmas! Hope you have a great time, and all sniffles are over by then! All the best for the New Year as well.

  2. Derek, I am sure readers of our Dutch magazine on comics, StripNieuws, will be interested in learning about your book on Bunty, as many Dutch girl comics reprinted material from that title. If you want, you can send me details at ramonschenk AT hotmail DOT com and I will make sure we write it up in our December issue, deadline looming Wednesday of the coming week.

    Best of health and seasons greetings to you all!

    1. The information that you are seeking, Ramon, is as follows. B&HS will contain roughly 1600 synopses of the serials that I consider great. The subtitle of the book is ‘Their Great Stories’ you may recall. They will be in alphabetical order, the first being ‘A Best Friend For Belinda’ [MANDY 1080 (26 September 1987) -1089 (28 November 1987)], the last one being ‘Zara, Phantom Of The Track’ [SUZY 55 (24 September 1983) – 64 (26 November 1983). I hope that these details will be sufficient for your current purpose.
      Best regards as always,
      Derek Marsden

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