Scatty Matty the School’s Last Hope


Matilda “Matty” Trott had been tricked by her schoolmates into entering a contest to find the Rippley Rosebud.  All entrants were to be given tests not just of beauty, but of initiative.  The winner would accompany the reigning beauty queen the Rose of Rippley during the forthcoming carnival.

scatty matty

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  • Artist: Antonio Borrell


  • Scatty Matty The School’s Last Hope – Bunty: #775 (18 November 1972) – #784 (20 January 1973).
  • Reprinted –  Bunty:  #1275 (19 June 1982) – #1284 (21 August 1984)


11 thoughts on “Scatty Matty the School’s Last Hope

    1. I’m not very familiar with Borrell’s work but I don’t think it is Badesa, so you are probably right.

  1. ‘Scatty Matty’ ended in BUNTY 1284 (August 21 1982). There is no hyphen in the word ‘forthcoming’.

  2. I’ve been out all evening at a family birthday party. Just got home by taxi to find that my information on the final issue number and date of ‘Scatty Matty’ has been incorporated, thank you for that, but the spelling of ‘forthcoming’ as ‘forth-coming’ is just as incorrect now as it was when I pointed it out last night. The offending word is in the PLOT section.

    1. I’ve been out again, all day this time. This lunchtime Andrew and I took Alex, Lois, and a friend of hers called Tegan (not sure about the spelling!) to a fair that had set up near ASDA in Hayle. Andrew came with us as he had come down from London yesterday to share in our well-concealed arrangements to celebrate Lynne’s 70th. All she knew was that she was going out for an evening meal in a restaurant in Carbis Bay with her friends Janet and Arthur, who had come down from Liverpool, ostensibly on just another of their regular visits. Well, “Surprise, Surprise” as Cilla used to say.

  3. It looks as if the run of this serial in Bunty 1275 – 1284 may have been a reprint. I have come across a notification in Bunty 774 (11/11/72) that the serial was to start the following week i.e. in #775 (18 November 1972).

  4. It WAS a reprint, Goof. I presume that when I stated that ‘Scatty Matty’ ended in 1284, I was merely filling in a gap for Lorraine. The possibility of the existence of an earlier version wasn’t even an issue at that time. For the record, it ended in BUNTY 784 (20 January 1973).

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