Susan of Sunnysides


Susan Anderson was an Assistant Housemother at Sunnyside’s Children’s home. It was a job she thoroughly enjoyed, though it could be tiring.

susan at sunnysides
Susan of Sunnysides (Bunty)

sue sunnysides
Sue of Sunnysides (Mandy)


  • First appeared as a text story, it was later updated into picture story format.
  • Unusually as well as being in Bunty, it appeared as text story in Mandy under the slightly revised title “Sue of Sunnysides”
  • Art: Hugh Thornton-Jones (Bunty 1982 series)


  • Susan of Sunnysides (text story) –  Bunty:  #94 (31 October 1959)  – (?)
  • Sue of Sunnysides (text story) – Mandy:  (?) – #42 (4 November 1967)
  • Susan of Sunnysides –  Bunty:  #1288 (18 September 1982)  – #1291 (09 October 1982)

Other Appearances:

  • Susan of Sunnysides (text story) – Bunty Annual 1961
  • Susan of Sunnysides – Bunty Annual 1980
  • Susan of Sunnysides – Bunty Annual 1984


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