The Girl From Seal Island


Fern had lived all her life alone on Seal Island, where she learned the language of animals and plants. So a legend grew that she was half fish, half girl. Fern had left her island and was being hunted like an animal, but she had also made two friends Tom and his cousin Rachel.

girl from seal island


  • Art: Andy Tew
  • Abridged version reprinted and translated into Dutch as Alleen met haar dieren (Alone with her animals) – Debbie Parade Album #41.


  • The Girl From Seal Island –  Bunty: #1359 (28 January 1984) – #1380 (23 June 1984)



3 thoughts on “The Girl From Seal Island

  1. The serial starts in Bunty #1359 (28 January 1984). Translated into Dutch: Debbie Parade Album #41 (as “Alleen met haar dieren”; shortened version [48 pages]).

    1. Thank you for the information, Yuuki.

      “Alleen met haar dieren” means “Alone with her animals” (Google Translator), right?

      1. Yes, that’s it.

        Sadly, this is not the only Debbie Parade Album with a shortened version. The maximum number of pages they had available for the albums was 48. “Geen Partij voor Patty” (Debbie Parade Album #27) with “They’re No Match for Mo!” from Bunty is another example.

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