The School for Unwanted Ones


In 1900, Val Matthews was sent to Dr Croome’s Academy, after her father, Brigadier Matthews had been killed and her mother went to South Africa to settle his affairs. The school was run by the nasty Dr. Croome and three other teachers. Val found herself without friends in the Upper School.

The School for Unwanted Ones


  • Art: John Woods


  • The School for Unwanted Ones–  Bunty: #926 (11 October 1975) – #943 (7 February 1976)
  • Reprinted – Bunty: #1429 (01 June 1985) – #1446 (28 September 1985)


3 thoughts on “The School for Unwanted Ones

  1. ‘The School For Unwanted Ones’ started in BUNTY 926 (11 October 1975). The reprint ended in 1446 (28 September 1985).

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