Bringing Up the Barkers!


When the rough and ready Barker family inherited Janner Hall, Walter the Dalmatian, who was part of the inheritance was appalled. Then Aunt Flo Pooter arrived and began smoothing off their rough edges and Walter was better pleased. He considered her to be one of his “own sort”.

Bringing Up the Barkers!


  • Art: Andy Tew


  • Bringing Up the Barkers!  –  Bunty: # 1604 (8 October 1988) – #1618 (14 Jan. 1989)
  • The Barkers–  Bunty: #1758 (21 September 1991) – #1770 (14 December 1991)

Other Appearances:

  • Bringing Up the Barkers!  – Bunty Annual 1990


2 thoughts on “Bringing Up the Barkers!

  1. Just to clarify, ‘Bringing Up The Barkers!’ started in BUNTY 1604 (October 8 1988). According to my notes, ‘The Barkers’ started in 1758 (September 21 1991), the artist in both instances being Andy Tew.

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