Look After Lobelia


A little girl called Lobelia had arrived mysteriously at the home of Professor Peterson. Nobody knew where she was from or why she was abandoned. Later at boarding school, Lobelia amazed everyone by winning the most awards on prize day and being selected school captain. However some of the girls believed Lobelia was an infant at heart  and hoped to get rid of her.

looking after lobelia


  • Art: Selby Donnison
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Zorg voor Lobelia!” – Peggy #1/1988


  • Look After Lobelia–  Bunty: #1184 (20 September 1980) – #1214 (18 April 1981)


7 thoughts on “Look After Lobelia

  1. Hi, Just came accross this site! Does anyone remember the ending to this story? The magazine that had the final episode never came so I never found out where Lobelia really came from. Does anyone know if it is in any of the annuals, would love to read again!

    1. Lobelia turns out to be a child from the planet Magnitaurus who was sent to Earth to see how she develops under Earth conditions. The Mistress of Magnitaurus ends up leaving her on Earth with the professor as she has become emotional and had prone to earthly diseases. The professor removes her bracelet, and she then becomes a normal girl.

  2. Oh thank you, I have wondered about that for years! Had a feeling she may have been from space but thanks for confirming!

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