Mighty Mo


Mighty Mo is the strongest girl  in  Cactus Creek.


  • Art: James Malcolm?
  • Translated into Dutch as “Stalen Stien” and stories published in various magazines and albums, including Debbie #14 (1979).


  • Mighty Mo – First Appearance – Bunty: #717 (9 October 1971)

Other Appearances:

  • Mighty Mo – Bunty Annual 1973
  • Mighty Mo – Bunty Annual 1976
  • Mighty Mo – Bunty – Golden Age Classic Stories (2009)

4 thoughts on “Mighty Mo

  1. As my basic interest is in serial stories rather than completes, and serious stories rather than frivolous/comic stories, I therefore do not have the remotest interest in ‘Mighty Mo’. I am nevertheless aware that it certainly didn’t start in 855 (1 June 1974). In order to put the record straight I have just checked my collection, and discovered that her first appearance was in BUNTY 717 (9 October 1971)!!!

    1. Thanks both for the extra information. I was expecting another busy week at work, but luckily things started to quieten down by mid last week, so I’ve had time this weekend to look over comments. Another week and half and a some days booked off, January was such a busy month, it will be a welcome break!

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