No Music for Mandy


Mandy Rogers had won a place at the famous Lambert School of Ballet. But when she arrives at the school, she discovers that she is going deaf. She decides to keep this secret as she is afraid that she will have to leave to school if anyone found out.

no music for mandy



  • Art: Colin Merrett
  • Reprinted and translated into Dutch as “Geen muziek voor Manda” – Debbie Parade Album #6 (1980).


  • No Music for Mandy –  Bunty: #1116 (02 June 1979) – #1131 (15 September 1979)


6 thoughts on “No Music for Mandy

  1. Translated into Dutch as “Geen muziek voor Manda” and published in Debbie Parade Album #6 (1980).

    Judging by the dates in this, the series continued until #1131 (15 September 1979).

    It may have been published before in the Dutch weekly magazine Debbie, but that remains to be researched.


  2. I wonder how this one ended. Someone must have found Mandy out, of course. Was it something along the lines of their finding a cure for the deafness?

  3. “No Music for Mandy” ends in Bunty #1131 (September 15, 1979). She is expelled from the school because she could not hear the music. When she arrives home and tells her mother she realizes she has heard every word her mother said. It turns out that when her mother took her to see her first ballet, she was enthralled by it. A stage light exploded and set up a mental block in her head. She was never deaf. She goes back to school and becomes a brilliant dancer.

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