The World of Grace


Grace Harper was being trained by Madame Maratova to be a gymnast. Madame was sure Grace had the makings of a world champion and was doing all  in her power to help her.

world of grace



  • The World of Grace – Bunty: #717 (9 October 1971) – #750 (27 May 1972)
  • Reprinted – Bunty:  #1183 (13 September 1980) – #1216 (2 May 1981)

Other Appearances:

  • The World of Grace – Bunty Annual 1983


12 thoughts on “The World of Grace

    1. Last October DCT briefly released a Spellbound digital book, but then pulled it, some unknown problems in background, possibly it will be released again but no word yet. The only digital I know available is Best of Bunty Annual that was released a few years ago:

      On the IPC side they have been reprinting Misty, Jinty and Tammy stories, which has been great to read, even when I am not as familiar with those stories.

  1. According to my notes, ‘The World Of Grace’ ran in BUNTY between 1183 (September 13th 1980) and 1216 (May 2nd 1981).

    Now might be an opportunity to let members know that yesterday I agreed a deal with a printing firm to print ‘BUNTY AND HER MANY SISTERS. The approximate date for its publication is late November/early December 2020, and I estimate that the cost of each 300-page book, with ample appropriate illustrations, should be no more than £25. As I still have nine years worth of DEBBIE to catalogue, I can’t see myself starting to write BAHMS until the beginning of June, but at that point it will be ‘all systems go’. All comments or queries will be appreciated, and answered.

      1. Thank you, Lorraine. As an addendum, the printer/binder is sending me some books that he has already printed and bound on behalf of others, so that I can see the quality of his work. As a quid pro quo I am sending him a copy of my previous book ‘This Was The Wizard’, which will no doubt make clear the quality of work I will be looking for from him. It was printed and bound by Deanprint Limited, a firm in Stockport, Cheshire, who seem to have gone out of business. Obviously limited therefore!!!!!

  2. Weee! Can’t wait to buy it! Will it only be available in Britain or will it be distributed internationally?

    1. I will be perfectly happy, Briony, to sell to any buyer anywhere. All buyers will of course be required to pay my p&p costs, which obviously will vary where buyers outside the UK are concerned. Thank you for your enthusiastic interest. Watch this space.

  3. “The World of Grace” was also published in 1972. I don’t have the beginning, but it ends in Bunty #750 (May 27, 1972).

    1. Here is the information you are missing, Ronnie’. The World Of Grace’ starts in BUNTY 717 (9 October 1971).

  4. Thanks for getting the rest of information Derek. I’m surprised how many serials were reprinted in the DCT titles.

    1. Thanks all for the information. After a very busy month at my job (which with bad timing combined with pre-school closing for 10 days due to a Covid case). I am looking forward to a more relaxed July and catching up on updates for the site.

      It was very common practice for DCT to reprint serials every 7 years or so (the idea that most readers would have aged out and cheaper way to keep comic filled with stories). One example “Who is Judy Parker?” was printed 4 times in Mandy and again as a “Mandy classic” in M&J comic.

      1. That’s a reasonable approximation, Lorraine. MANDY started life in January 1967 and gave up the ghost in May 1991, so she ran for just over 24 years.

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