Claudia of the Circus


Claudia Grey, an orphan lived at ‘Edgecliffe Hall’ with her stern maiden aunts. She is happy when her aunts allowed her to stay at Boselli’s Circus and she soon gets to know all the circus people.

claudia of the circus


  • Art: T.S La Fontaine
  • Story: Geoffrey Bond


  • Claudia Of The Circus– Girl:  1954- 1961
  • Claudia Of The Circus – The Falling Star 
  • Girl:  Vol. 6 #40 (02 October  1957) – ?
  • Story: Geoffrey Bond,   Art: T.S La Fontaine

Other Appearances: 

  • Claudia Of The Circus – The Young Mahout – Girl Annual 25 (1958)
  • Claudia Of The Circus – Girl Novel  by Geoffrey Bond(1958)

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