Lisa – the Lonely Ballerina / Lonely Lisa


Lisa Blake  wanted to be a ballerina but had several obstacles to overcome. Her mother was dead and her father was an escaped convict and she was  wrongfully accused of stealing. Later she was abandoned by her aunt.  Luckily she was adopted by a group of orphans who were helping her to become a ballerina.

lisa lonely ballerina

In the Sequel Lonely Lisa – Lisa Blake has lost her memory and thinks she is Jean Bell, who lives and works with Mr and Mrs Thorpe, who are a pair of crooks. Lisa meets Mrs Powell, who teaches her to dance.

(Lonely Lisa – Art: Ana Rodriguez)


  • Artist: Rodney Sutton (Lisa-the Lonely Ballerina)
  • Artist: Ana Rodriguez (Lonely Lisa)
  • Before the Spellbound comic merged with Debbie, the first part of “Lonely Lisa”   was published in both the last issue of Spellbound and  Debbie issue #257.


  • Lisa – the Lonely Ballerina –  Debbie:  #13 (12 May 1973) – #120 (31 May 1975)
  • Reprinted – Debbie: #396 (13 September 1980) – #507 (30 October 1982)
  • Lonely Lisa – Debbie: #257 (14 Jan 1978)  also printed in Spellbound: #69 (14 Jan 1978), Debbie: #258 (22 Jan 1978) – #268 (01 Apr 1978)

12 thoughts on “Lisa – the Lonely Ballerina / Lonely Lisa

  1. Lisa – The Lonely Ballerina runs in Debbie 13 (May 12 1973) – 120 (May 31 1975). It is repeated in 396 (Sep. 13 1980) – 507 (Oct. 30 1982). As, understandably, I have not checked every issue, I cannot explain why there appear to be four extra episodes in the repeat.

    1. Hello, no idea if you will catch this! But I’m now in my 50s, a writer and academic and this story was incredibly important to me in my childhood. I was a poor kid and became obsessed with ballet because of it. At ballet school I escaped my rough school, made friends and eventually went onto Uni (which I subsidised by teaching ballet!). I’m so glad you dad created Lisa!

  2. I used to love this story! Every Saturday, my sister and I would go with our father to one of the local newsagents in Haywards Heath and buy a copy of Debbie, Bunty and a packet of crisps. It felt like a real treat.

    1. I read it the late 70s early 80s . The last I remember was her having to wear glasses so couldn’t Dance . Would love to know how it ended

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