To Tessa, a Sister


After the death of her parents, Tessa Saunders was cared for by her Aunt Abigail and Uncle George, a scheming greedy couple who wanted Tessa’s inheritance for themselves. To this end, they adopted Una, a girl from a local orphanage. Their plan was to return Tessa to the orphanage as unsuitable in the place of Una, as the two girls looked remarkably alike.

To Tessa, a Sister


  • Artist: Hugo D’Adderio
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Een zusje voor Tessa” – Debbie super stripstory #20 (1987)


  • To Tessa, a Sister–  Debbie: #494 (31 July 1982) – #505 (16 October 1982)

4 thoughts on “To Tessa, a Sister

  1. As I remember, this one ended with the scheming guardians actually trying to spring the trap and send Tessa back to the orphanage in Una’s place. They are foiled by Una having a change of heart about Tessa. Also, they overlooked Tessa’s scars from the accident that killed her parents, which Una did not have. Una and Tessa end up as the best of sisters.

    1. I only have four instalments of this serial, one of which being the first. The others are 497, 498, and 504. I’ve just read them all. My opinion, based on just the four I’ve read is that it is the absolute worst serial I’ve ever clapped eyes on, so it will certainly not feature in BAHS!!!!!

      1. I did enjoy this one and followed it, but yes, I did think the premise was a bit weak. Actually sending Tessa to the orphanage in Una’s place and her battling to reclaim her identity would have been more exciting.

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