Anya at Ballet School / Big Top Ballet


Anya Bergman, a young girl from a travelling fair, is a pupil at the exclusive Marovani School of Ballet. Gerda Nansen, a mean, spiteful girl, plays a nasty trick which leads to Anya being accused of stealing Gerda’s golden locket and chain. The chain is found in Anya’s locker—but the locket is still missing. Anya is forbidden to take part in any of the school activities until the Governors meet to discuss the matter of the missing locket and decide whether or not Anya is to be expelled.

Anya returns in Big Top Ballet  Anya’s ballet class moves in with the circus owned by Marta Bruk, Anya’s guardian, when their ballet school is partly damaged by fire. When Marta Bruk dies in an accident, Anya finds herself heir to the circus. But there is a snag—the circus attendance figures, marked on a graph, must remain above a certain number each week or Anya will lose the circus to someone whose identity is not disclosed to her. This person is really her Uncle Fedor, who is determined to get the circus at any price. By a trick, Fedor makes the High Fliers, the star act of the circus, walk out, and many of the audience stay away.

anya at ballet school



  • Anya at Ballet School – Judy:  #63 (25 March 1961) – #93 (21 October 1961)
  • Reprinted –  Judy: #1073 (02 August 1980) – #1101 (14 February 1981)
  • Big Top Ballet – Judy: #130 (07 July 1962) – #146 (27 October 1962)

Other Appearances:

  • Anya at Ballet School – Judy Annual 1963


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