Educating Dido


In an effort to save her new school, Scolloway Domestic College, from being taken over by the County Council and turned into offices, Dido Smith, a gipsy girl, and her friend, Victoria West, seek the advice of a gipsy prince. He shows them smoke visions connected with an orphanage founded many years ago by Lady Harriet Scolloway on the site of the school. Dido and Victoria discover that Lady Harriet’s record book of the orphanage is kept in the public library. Hoping that it may help them, they go to the library with their classmates, only to disappointed.

educating dido


  • Pencils: Manuel Cuyàs


  • Educating Dido – Judy:  #138 (01 September 1962) – # 148 (10 November 1962)

3 thoughts on “Educating Dido

  1. ‘Educating Dido’ did not end in issue 152, Lorraine, as you state above. It became history at the end of the instalment in JUDY 148 (November 10 1962). It was replaced in 149 by ‘Shirley – Nurse With Wings’.

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