Everybody Wants Nancy / Everybody Wants Wendy


When Nancy Brown arrives in Westport to stay with her uncle and aunt, she finds to her surprise that she is the only child of school age  in the whole town. It means lots of people want her to do jobs for them.

The story appeared again with some changes in Everybody Wants Wendy, the episodes are didifferent but same basic storyline.  This time Wendy Brown is the only young person in Westport because all the local children have gone on a school trip. Again everyone is looking for her to do jobs for them, it is humorous but not as cartoonish as the previous version.

everybody wants nancy(Everybody Wants Nancy –  1960s : George Ramsbottom)


everybody wants wendy(Everybody Wants Wendy – 1970s)


  • Art: George Ramsbottom (Everybody Wants Nancy – 1960s)
  • Art: John McNamara (Everybody Wants Wendy – 1970s)


  • Everybody Wants Nancy – Judy:  #21 (04 June 1960) – #30 (06 August 1960)
  • Everybody Wants Wendy – Judy:  #802 (24 May 1975) – #813 (09 August 1975)


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